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The da Vinci European Biobank (daVEB) is a research biobank with repository and laboratory for sample processing located at the Scientific Campus of Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze, Italy) with data processing facilities at SIAF.

It is configured as a research service unit, through collection, storage and distribution of biological samples and associated data, according to quality procedures.

Biological samples are human and non-human genetic materials, proteins, cells, tissues and biological fluids. The data are the biological information associated with the sample and, in the case of samples of human origin, the clinical information about the donor.

The repository is organized in two areas for cryopreservation, one with mechanical freezers at -80°C, the other with tanks for storage in nitrogen vapors (at temperatures < -170 ° C) in a monitored environment 24/7.

The operations prior to placing samples in the biobank and the distribution of samples  take place in a dedicated laboratory adjacent to the repository (daVEB-Lab). The daVEB-Lab is equipped with the necessary platforms for human cell cultures and automatic extraction of nucleic acids.

daVEB is ISO9001 certified for the activities concerning the collection, storage and distribution of biospecimen and the associated data for scientific research.  

daVEB implemented a management system guaranteeing high standards in the storage, including aspects of traceability, and operates according to the law regarding ethical aspects and privacy protection.

It is a partner of the European biobank consortium (BBMRI-ERIC) through the national node; its samples catalogue is included in the European network.

last update: 14-July-2021
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